rafael castillo

san francisco
freelance photographer


  1. Mustang
Cool and clean blue Ford Mustang parked outside my house. I live right in front of an optometrist office in a town of majority retired residents and seniors. All too often very nice cars owned by old people come up to my house. 
I’m not too much of a car buff, but I really thought this was a clean car. 8 1 year ago
  2. Mitch.
Mitch met up with my after my class so that I could repay him for buying me something last weekend. Told him to meet me at SFSU and he said he would meet me at the Hidden Grove at exactly 4:10pm. I got there at about 4:05pm and sat there for exactly five minutes, when the clock struck 4:10, Mitch comes walking into the secret location. I had the smallest hope that he would come late. I was wrong.
Here is a shot of him making faces in front of a large caravan of students all dressed up and fancy heading to a Greek Formal. 
Shot with a 50mm at 1.8. 1 year ago
  3. self.
Started my day off at the gym. Woke up bright (very cloudy actually) and early for a morning workout session before I would have any time to talk myself out of it. Ran a bunch of errands for the parents, picked up my little brother from school and took him to tennis, then later brought him back home. 
After relaxing for a bit, I decided to head into my backyard for a moment to enjoy the sunset. Snapped a few self shots. I seriously need to get myself a new tripod and a new wireless remote shutter. That would make life so much easier!
Shot with a 28mm at 1.8. 1 1 year ago
  4. Beau
Headed down to Fremont with Beau, aka Kairo the rapper. We came in for a recording session with the extremely talented producer and beat maker, Joey Heart Attack. 
Before recording some dope tracks, I took this shot of Beau practicing his verses from his notebook sitting next to the bedroom window. 
Shot with a 28mm at 1.8. 1 1 year ago
  5. creeks.
Cool little creek located off to the side of the Amtrack / Freight lines running across Union City. Came to this spot with some friends to document some of the local graffiti, and decide to descend the small cliff to take some closer shots of the creek.
Shot with a 50mm at 1.8. 1 year ago
  6. birdhouse.
Cool little birdhouse I spotted in my friend Chico’s backyard. 
Unfortunately, I did not have the time to go around to the other side and get the face of the birdhouse, but I was able to snap this shot from the side of his house before heading out into the wild world. 
Shot with a 50mm at 1.8. 2 1 year ago
  7. mazda.
Here is my dad’s truck sitting in front of my house. 
Shot this on my way home from school and luckily there were not fifty other cars parked out on my street like usual. 
Shot with a 28mm at 1.8. A visual I will never forget. 1 year ago
  8. Marjorie
Another shot at the Rasputin! Went up to the 2nd level to get some shots off of their balcony. 1 1 year ago
  9. Marjorie
Another shot at the Rasputin. Marjorie really getting lost in the music! 1 1 year ago
  10. Marjorie
For our second set of shots, we had a nice outfit change into something more summery, and headed down the Telegraph. Playful shot at the Rasputin on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA. 
I really love taking shots indoors with natural light coming from the windows. Makes for great portraits and generally things are never too blown out! 1 year ago
  11. Marjorie
Here is a shot from a cool little thrift store we came across on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA. A quick little shot of Marjorie trying on a really nice looking fedora hat. 1 year ago
  12. Marjorie
Here is another shot from that same mini photoshoot at the UC Berkeley campus! 1 year ago